Introducing a Sub-Framing System that Expands & Contracts

The patented Roof Floater sub-framing system was created to allow less expensive roofs with a fixed attachment, such as screw-down steel, aluminum, fiberglass, acrylic panels and fixed clip standing seam roofs to have the thermally active properties of the more expensive sliding clip standing seam panels. The Roof Floater system actually slides as the panels expand and contract. Roof Floater is also ideal for wood-framed and pole barn construction to permit the new and common screw-down metal roofs to expand and contract, eliminating the need to install a sliding clip standing seam roof. They also can be used for other roofing and re-roofing applications such as:

• Used for new thru-fastened ribbed panel system roofs, when a standing seam roof is not necessary and/or affordable and the roof panel runs (eave to ridge) are excessive
• For thru-fastened metal roofs being installed over new construction or for re-roofing of light-gauge steel framed trussed buildings.
• For new Fiberglass Reinforced Panel (FRP) and PVC roofs, commonly used in new industrialand environmental construction as well as facilities exposed to extreme moisture (green houses, etc.).
• For new aluminum standing seam or thru-fastened roof systems located in coastal areas requiring major thermal movement.
• For new dark colored insulated metal panel system (IMP) roofs with excessive panel runs and when thermal-bow is a concern.

Performance Features:
• All components are manufactured with the same rigid material specifications as our famous Roof Hugger sub-purlins; 16-GA x 0.060” minimum 50 KSI structural grade in G-90 galvanized steel.
• Each Roof Floater allows up to 3” of thermal movement, which will accommodate a metal roof panel run of over 250’ without expansion joints .
• Up to five holes are provided in the base of the Roof Floater to accommodate a #12 diameter fastener/anchor into the roof’s structural member.
• When a new metal roof is installed over an existing roof, the air-space between has proven to decrease heat gain/loss by as much as 45% when ventilated.

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