Corru-Fit™ Retrofit Sub-Framing System

Introducing Roof Hugger’s Newest Patent Pending Product



There are literally millions of existing buildings with corrugated metal roofs installed sometime in the past 40 to 50 years.

The CORRU-FIT™ sub-purlin system is specifically designed for installation over the old sine-wave shaped corrugated metal roofs. These old roofs are notorious for inconsistent corrugation rib spacing and to say the least, it is very difficult to provide a standard factory-notched Hugger sub-purlin that attaches directly in the low corrugation and into the building’s purlins to be structurally correct. Other methods like installing a continuous hat section over the corrugations and securing with a long fastener just doesn’t cut it from a structural standpoint either. Especially when the new roof assembly has to meet building code changes in respect to high wind speeds.

Below, you can download the CORRU-FIT™ Design Guide that explains everything you want to know about retrofitting existing corrugated roofs. In addition, we have provided our standard AutoCAD details for download and editable performance specifications.



Editable Performance Specifications



View or Download Corru-Fit Standard Details with Various New Metal Roof Systems
Detail Description and Location New Roof Type View PDF Detail Download ACAD Detail
Low Eave with Gutter (2D Cross-Section) Generic LE-01-CF.pdf LE-01-CF.dwg
Low Eave with Gutter and New Thru-Fastened Roof "R" Panel LE-07-R-CF.pdf LE-07-R-CF.dwg
Low Eave with Gutter and New Standing Seam (SSR) Trapezoidal SSR LE-07-TC-CF.pdf LE-07-TC-CF.dwg
High Eave with Gutter and New Thru-Fastened Roof "R" Panel HE-07-R-CF.pdf HE-07-R-CF.dwg
High Eave with Gutter and New Standing Seam Trapezoidal SSR HE-07-TC-CF.pdf HE-07-TC-CF.dwg
Mid-roof Spacer Attachment to Existing with New Thru-Fastened Roof "R" Panel HA-13-RC-CF.pdf HA-13-RC-CF.dwg
Mid-roof Spacer Attachment to Existing with New Standing Seam Trapezoidal SSR HA-13-TC-CF.pdf HA-13-TC-CF.dwg
Rake with New Thru-Fastened Roof (2D Cross-Section) "R" Panel RE-06-RC-CF.pdf RE-06-RC-CF.dwg
Rake with New Standing Seam (2D Cross-Section) Trapezoidal SSR RE-06-TC-CF.pdf RE-06-TC-CF.dwg
Ridge Assembly (2D Cross-Section) Generic RD-03-CF.pdf RD-03-CF.dwg
Valley Gutter Condition (2D Cross-Section) Generic VG-02-CF.pdf VG-02-CF.dwg
Roof Zone Reinforcement (Wind Uplift Resistance Sub-framing) Generic ZF-05-CF.pdf ZF-05-CF.dwg

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